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July 15 2013

1542 5cab
book, bronze, chain

Image size: 570x475
8870 37e6
book, history, love

Image size: 500x334
5954 ecb3
beautiful, beautiful disaster, couple

Image size: 500x397
2499 b0d3
book, diy, journal

Image size: 400x267
2501 8d26
book, boy, person

Image size: 500x500
2505 dedd
band, lennon, library

Image size: 400x267
2506 a63e
text, pushing the limits, book

Image size: 500x500

July 14 2013

6628 512e
adventure, journey, book

Image size: 403x302
6629 2e28
book, boyfriend, find

Image size: 1024x223
6631 071d
beauty, book, lol

Image size: 500x331
6633 9e89
horizontal, tumblr, always

Image size: 500x375
5887 8e9e
vintage, handmade, fashion

Image size: 483x483

July 12 2013

6775 7647
diy, handmade, colorful

Image size: 600x3217
1921 5814
turquoise bracelet, cluster turquoise bracelets, handmade

Image size: 400x400

July 11 2013

7617 1801
diy, handmade, ribbon

Image size: 501x4108

July 10 2013

6315 6b9b
diy, simple, handmade

Image size: 500x5483

July 09 2013

1119 a2b9
dreamcatcher, dream catcher, native

Image size: 570x570
8072 4c05
dreamcatcher, dream catcher, native

Image size: 570x1428
8074 691d
dreamcatcher, dream catcher, native

Image size: 570x570
8077 73f9
diy, handmade, ribbon

Image size: 635x2856
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